Pi Day

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SWBAT review circumference and other topics that use pi.

Big Idea

students compete to answer questions involving pie and qualify for a seat in a pie eating contest

Do Now

10 minutes

Students enter silently according to the Daily Entrance Routine. Students are excited to enter on this day because they’ve heard about pi day since the beginning of the year. They know that a pie eating contest is involved among other fun and games.

To prepare students for the content we will be reviewing, our Do Now is an item from the most recent mock exam, a question involving the area of a circle. Twenty-five percent of the grade answered this question correctly. We review some key questions which may be applied to problem solving:

  • What is the formula for the area of a circle? A = ( pi ) ( r ^ 2 )
  • What information is given in the problem? The diameter = 30 feet
  • How can the given information help to solve the problem? If the diameter is 30 feet, then the radius is 15 feet. We can evaluate the formula using the radius to answer the question

Introduction to Game

5 minutes

I welcome students to pi day by explaining that the “pi” eating contest will occur at the end of class. There will only be 5 seats and in order to earn a seat in the contest, students must earn the top 5 scores in the Jeo’pi’rdy game. I borrowed the game from an online jeopardy template and changed the questions to reflect questions about circles. Students do not have to answer in the form of a question.  They are required to answer each question covered during class. Some problems have also been selected as homework items. 


25 minutes

There are 5 categories,

  • Skills – basic skill of solving for diameter, radius, area and circumference of circles.
  • Formula – identifying formulas and applying to word problems
  • MC Mild – multiple choice questions, difficulty: medium
  • MC Spicy – multiple choice questions, difficulty: high     
  • Open Ended – open ended response multi-step problems; students have to calculate and interpret values.

Each category includes 5 questions worth 10 – 50 points.

The first student is randomly selected to for the first question. They pick the topic and point value. A packet has been provided for each student and includes a copy of all the questions in the game.  Students must turn to this page to complete the question. I have a timer set on my phone for 3 minutes for the questions under “skills” and “formula” and a 4 minute timer for questions under the other three categories. Once the time expires, all students will be asked to stop working and I will go around checking answers and awarding stamps on papers with correct work and answers. The student who began the game will select a different student to select the next question.

We will continue playing the game until there are 15 minutes left in class, for the ‘pi’ eating contest.  Points will be tallied according to the total number of stamps earned by the top 5 scoring students.

Pie Eating Contest

15 minutes

Students must sit in a chair, with their hands behind their back holding the bars of the chair. I will tin trays with whip cream which students must eat within 1 minute. The student to successfully eat all (or most) of the whipped cream within this time wins. The prize is a pie.

After clean up, students are reminded that their unit test takes place tomorrow, receive their homework and are dismissed.