Sticky Spaghetti

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SWBAT write their own concrete poem based on their favorite food and use adjectives correctly in it's organization.

Big Idea

Food is a good motivator in lessons. In this lesson students will play with spaghetti to determine all the ways it can be described. They will then use this same approach to write their own poem.

Silly Spaghetti Observations

10 minutes

Students will get a handful of cooked spaghetti to make observations on. I explain to the class that I will be making a class list of our observations as they work with the noodles. I also ask them to include any uses or prior knowledge. I separate the list on the white board with a line. On the one side I track uses and prior knowledge and on other all the adjectives they use.  

We then work together to form our own spaghetti poem. We talk about what shape we might write our poem into. We then work together to fill in noodles to describe this food. 

Concrete Poems Have Shape

5 minutes

To help them understand concrete poetry and the shapes that it takes on I share some examples with the class. I share the poem The Triangle using the document camera. Any other concrete examples are also good. Together we discuss what makes the poem on the triangle unique. 

We talk about how the author formed the words into a triangle. I ask them why this makes the poem better, and why they think they might write poetry in this way. We then write our own concrete poem about an object in the room. I have the class choose and then we make the shape of the object. We then use adjectives and what we know about the object to fill in the shape. 

Favorite Food Frenzy

15 minutes

It is now time for them to write their own concrete poem. To help them focus their thinking and ideas, I have them choose their favorite food. On their white boards they need to decide on the shape and then brainstorm words that describe their favorite food. I give them ideas on possible ideas to include in their poem. Ideas they might want to include are: where they eat this food, when do they eat it, what is the flavor, and what goes with this food. I also remind them to use "juicy" adjectives. 

Once they have a good rough draft, they can then get a piece of white paper to create their poem. I have them get their paper from me, by showing me the rough draft and allowing me to help if editing needs to occur. 

When they have the white paper, they need to start with the outline before they write the words. They then need to write their poem and then color their picture if they want to.