Figurative Language Formative

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SWBAT understand the use of different forms of figurative language.

Big Idea

Figurative language is like seasoning. It can enhance poetry, but isn't necessary. Let's see if you can identify some of them.


5 minutes

I just wanted to get a quick idea of how the kids are doing with figurative language before I get to the end of the unit. The pre-assessment I gave at the start of the unit showed that they were really good with everything except personification, so I decided to add in opportunities for them to work with the language throughout the unit. I want to see if that worked before I get to the district summative. If this formative is awful, then I definitely need some more direct instruction before the test. I've done little quick checks along the way and the kids seem pretty good with simile, metaphor, imagery, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. 

The two I grabbed were freebies on Teachers Pay Teachers. They look pretty good. One just asks them to identify the types and the other is in a text format, but it's not poetry. I actually want to see if they can identify and understand these forms outside of poetry. Sometimes I think the kiddos feel that figurative language only happens in poems. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

I've decided to use one sheet from the figurative language quizzes and one from the close read pack to see how the kids are doing. While they're working, I'll be moving around just to get an idea of how they're doing. As students start to turn in their work, I begin collecting interactive notebooks to take a look at how they're processing material from the unit. It can be tedious to keep up with these notebooks, so I use testing time to check them. Sometimes I just grab 10 or so and check the work on certain pages, and other times I hold reading conference with the kids about something recent that we've learned. Here are my thoughts on the prose application of the quiz. I really like it. 

Fast Finishers and Conferencing

20 minutes

As students finish up, I will be meeting with students to look over their notebooks. Students who are waiting will be working to prepare for the end of unit summative that I've created. 

As you finish up, I will call some of you to meet with me to discuss your interactive notebooks. The rest of you may grab a Love That Dog or Hate That Cat novel and start reviewing them to prepare for our test. There will be a few questions to compare and contrast the two novels. This guide will help you prepare for the test.