Angle and line art

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SWBAT draw points, lines, line segments, rays, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, and angles to create a mixed media art piece.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students create a unique art project by reviewing important geometric terms.


55 minutes

I begin this lesson by telling students that they will review important geometry terms in a fun art project.  This is an excellent way to informally assess what students remember about lines, rays, and angles from third grade. 

This video gives excellent directions for how to create the art project. I did not show this video to my students, rather went over the directions with them, step by step.   Each step directs students to draw different geometric objects - parallel lines, perpendicular lines, rays, etc.   When students are finished with these they then can fill some shapes with squiggle shapes or patterns they choose. 


You can see in this photo, all the various types of geometric objects students draw. The colored square in the middle is my sample. As students create their art piece, I also create one on the board. 


 You can see in this video a student working on the art project.  You can hear in this video a student identify and define parallel lines.  In the video, you can also hear me ask this student what type of tool would help to create parallel lines.  



When students are finished, I collect all art pieces. I save them for a future lesson in which students will add to this art project when they measure angles.   Below are several finished student examples.