I Get The Gist of Poetry Formative

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SWBAT read and understand a basic poem.

Big Idea

Before we can dig deep into poetry, you have to be open to seeing the overall idea in a poem.


5 minutes

Once you feel like students can handle a basic poem and some analysis questions. Try out a formative. I purposely choose simple questions or create questions that don't require much knowledge of specific poetic terms yet. I like to have the students start out just enjoying poems and answering questions about overall meaning before asking for specific metaphors, purposes of similes and the like. You can use Free as a... as a possible formative, but feel free to pull in any formatives you have or have created with your team or district. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

While students are working, I'll be moving around to monitor. This shouldn't take them very long, as there are only 5 questions. Here are some things you may see.