You Can Quote Me on That!

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SWBAT plan out a narrative writing piece while also planning for opportunities to including dialogue between characters.

Big Idea

In this lesson, we will learn how dialogue can add to a narrative piece. We will also review how to properly form sentences that include dialogue.


How to Use Quotation Marks

15 minutes

I have noticed in my students' writing that when composing stories, students generally do one of two things.  First, many students do not include dialogue between characters at all.  Second, those students who DO include dialogue, almost NEVER use quotation marks to show that a character is speaking.

In this lesson, we will be planning out a narrative piece of writing.  I would like students to use dialogue in that piece to develop experiences and events or show the responses of characters to situations.  In this lesson, I will teach the students how to properly use quotation marks so that they are able to use them properly in their writing.

Frist, I will show the students the following video clip about quotation marks:

I will then gather the students on the carpet and we will come up with dialogue examples which I will have students take turns writing on the board using the proper punctuation, including quotation marks.

Quotation Marks Practice

15 minutes

Once the students have a good grasp on the correct use of quotation marks, I will have them complete an independent activity as a check to ensure they are understanding before we jump into our narrative writing.  I have included in the resources the quotation marks practice page that we will be using to check for understanding.  We will go over the answers together to ensure that students understand any mistakes they made.

Planning Our Narrative Writing Pieces

30 minutes

Once I have made sure the students understand the use of quotation marks, we will begin to map out the narrative writing piece using the Narrative Story Planner graphic organizer which I have included in the resources.  This plan will give the students a guide as the begin to compose the narrative story in our next lesson.  I have used the Narrative Story Planner in the past, however, this time I have added a dialogue planning piece that is new to our planner.  Hopefully this will get the students thinking about where in their stories it would be beneficial to add dialogue.