Making The Claim-Day 2

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SWBAT write an argumentative piece.

Big Idea

Students take their stance on the topic; Are zoos harmful or helpful to endangered species?

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

Today's lesson will center on the students writing their drafts of their papers.  Although this is a first draft, I still want the students to make an effort with their writing.  If the students put in effort now, it not only makes my life easier but essentially makes their lives much better.  I always tell the students "the more work you do now, the less you will have to do later." 

To help remind them what is expected, I will ask the students to reflect and answer the question "What makes writing good? I want the students to be thinking of what elements really enhance a piece of writing and keeps a reader interested.  If they are able to list a few things, we can use that to build our rubric for this piece. 

I will give the students a few minutes to brainstorm their own ideas and thoughts and then ask them to share using a Round Robin.

Then, we can share out as a whole class.  I will use our discussion to construct our rubric for writing. 


20 minutes

Today in writing workshop, we are focusing on writing the guts of our paper.  The students all worked on creating the introductions yesterday, so today I want to demonstrate how to construct the body paragraphs. 

First, I will have the students take out all of their research and prepare for the lesson.  Then, I will display the introduction I created yesterday.  I will review the introduction, and then tell the students now I want to write my first paragraph, which is essentially my first claim that supports my overall claim that zoos are harmful to endangered species. 

I will display the zoo paragraph graphic organizer example and work through the example I have.  I want the students to see how the paragraph is built using evidence from our research and then explaining the evidence.  I will walk them through the example on the graphic organizer first. 

Then, I will display the model of writing process example paragraph.  This demonstrates how I took the information on the graphic organizer and built my paragraph.  I think it is important to model this step for the students.  My students have little experience with writing and often times do not know how to transfer information from the graphic organizers to paper.  They life and feel safe with the structure of an organizer, going to loose-leaf paper is scary for some.  I use the example paragraph to model exactly how to do it. 

I then go through and demonstrate my highlighting of my evidence and reasons in the example paragraph to model how I check my writing to make sure all the "pieces" are there.  This will help to ensure I have a strong argument. 



25 minutes

Now it's time for the students to draft.  They will be using all of their research, their notes, the articles, as well as their post it note claims to write their first draft of the piece.  I will have students use the graphic organizers provided for each body paragraph.  This will help them ensure they are including every piece of the argumentative essay.  graphic organizer sample

I will allow the students time to work in workshop, writing out their first draft.  I will conference with as many students as I can get through, ensuring they are on the right track.  I want to make sure they have a claim, topic sentences for each paragraph, and evidence to support their claims. 

I will also work with them on correcting grammar and basic writing concerns. 

Once the students have completed their first drafts, I will collect them and assess for changes.


5 minutes

I want to give the students a chance to reflect on today's lesson, using the check list we created in the beginning.  I will ask the students to check their papers reflect on their own writing.  Would they consider their own writing "good" writing?

I will have them complete a Closure Slip.  I can then collect this and use it to assess their learning for the day.