Writing a Script: Pen to Paper

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SWBAT use narrative techniques to adapt a short story into a script.

Big Idea

We've talked it out; now it's time to write it out!


10 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I display the last slide of the PowerPoint and ask students to take out their Introduction to Drama notes.  Before I have them move back into their partnerships, I will review the instructions for writing the script with them.  I especially want to draw their attention to the instruction that they write the script in the correct format.

We then take a few minutes to move to be by our partners and get settled in for our work time.

Getting Down to Business

35 minutes

The students have the remainder of the period to get their scripts completed.

I make a point to circulate while they're working so that I'm available for questions.  I will also pause their work occasionally to draw their attention to the time so they can manage their work.


Did They Get It?

5 minutes

At the end of class I collect the scripts.  They are recorded as a formative grade simply for using the correct format and getting it done. 

Tomorrow, we will use these scripts as the source of an argumentative writing piece.