Writing A Script: Collaboration

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SWBAT come to a discussion prepared and engage effectively with a partner by collaborating on a script-writing project.

Big Idea

Debate and compromise, the building blocks of collaboration.


15 minutes

As we begin today's lesson, I have students take out the copies of the story, "The Scholarship Jacket" we began to highlight yesterday.  I will again display the third slide of the PowerPoint and allow students time to finish the initial assignment.

The time to do this varies from class to class; however, those who finish faster than the others can read a library book while they wait.

Getting Down to Business

30 minutes

I now display the final slide of the PowerPoint presentation.  Students will be working with a partner to create a script to submit to our fictional Hollywood producer.

I explain the finer points of the assignment before students move into groups.  It's really hard to get and keep their attention when they have moved to a new seat by a friend! 

The goal of this assignment is that the students collaborate and make decisions about which scenes they think are crucial to the story and which they think can be left out.  I let them know that all of the scripts are going to be a little bit different because each partnership will determine what's important in their own way.

Student have the rest of this class period to work on discussing and creating their script.


Did They Get It?

5 minutes

At the end of today's lesson, I have students make themselves a little note about what they're going to do next.  I think it's really important to have some closure even when a project is going to run for multiple class periods.  If they make a note of where they are in the process, they will be able to pick up much more quickly when they get back to it.

Also, I collect all of their materials simply because if the student who is holding the work is absent tomorrow, his or her partner won't have anything to work on.  I find this is a very useful strategy for group work that is going to run multiple class periods.