Who writes the story? Who does the illustrations?

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SWBAT identify the author and illustrator on the cover of the book and orally define their role.

Big Idea

It will be fun to identify the author and illustrator, I will show you how.

Warm Up

10 minutes

This will be a short lesson.  Today I plan on engaging my students in a group discussion about the author and illustrator of a book.  I will have each student identify by circling the author or illustrator on the cover of a book and orally explain their role.  It is important that my students can identify the author and illustrator for writing papers in the upper grades.  They will learn to like certain authors and be able to check the books out of the library and read them.  

I gather my students on the carpet for whole group reading block.  I pass out a weekly decodable book to each student.

students on carpet

"Everyone should be sitting in their squares with a book on the floor in front of you.  We have learned the concepts of print.  Let's review what we know.  This is the front cover, this is the back cover, this is the spine, this is the title, this is the title page and this is the first word."

We point to each part as we say our chant.  The whole class chorally chants this together.

"We have talked a little about the author and the illustrator of the book.  What does the author do, he writes the words.  Everyone say it.  He writes the words.  What does the illustrator do?  He makes the pictures.  Every one say it.  He makes the pictures.  Great."

I put four books different books each inside a page protector.  I place the protected book under the document camera.  Using dry erase markers I model the activity we will do.

"When I have a book and I want to know who wrote the words, I look for the word, by.  What word do I look for?  By.  How do I spell by?  B-Y.  Correct.  I will take my marker and circle the author's name.  I know which word is the author because I am looking for the word .  .  .  by, good.  Here is the word by,so I will circle the author's name.  Now i want to find the illustrator's name.  I will look for the word illustrator.  That is a big word, but I just need to find a big word that starts with /i/.  What letter makes the sound /i/?  Yes, an i.  Here it is.  I will circle the illustrator's name."


20 minutes

Having many books protected by the page protectors I can switch the books quickly under the document camera.  The activity will be for each student to come up and circle the title, author and illustrator.  As a group we will chant the clues for them to identify and circle the correct words.

"The game we are going to play today is for each one of you to have a turn identifying the title, author and illustrator of a book.  The class will give you clues to help you find them.  You will circle the title and say "this is the title", you will find the author and say, "this is the author", you will find the illustrator and say "this is the illustrator."

I give each student the opportunity to stand up to identify and circle the title, author and illustrator.  

"Joel, will you please go up and circle the title, class what is the title?  The name of the book.  How will he find the author?  Look for the word, by.  How will he find the illustrator?  Look for the /i/."

We watch on the smart board as each student takes their turn.  We chant for each part.  I change the book from under the camera after each student.  

Wrap Up

10 minutes

The purpose of this lesson has been to introduce the location and role of the author and illustrator.  I chose books that had the author and illustrator in different places on the cover.  

"Let's all point to the title on our books in front of us and say, this is the title.  Now point to the author.  What are we looking for?  The word "by".  Say the author writes the words.  Now point the illustrator.  What are we looking for?  An /i/.  Everyone say, the illustrator makes the pictures.  Great job."

oral presentation