Sharing Poetry - Poetry Lesson 9

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SWBAT share and discuss a self selected poem within their group.

Big Idea

Read it, carry it, share it.

Warm Up

10 minutes

To open class today, I will show a video of one of my favorite poetry performances - Taylor Mali's "Tony Steinberg: Seventh Grade Viking Warrior"  This goes along with he last slide of the powerpoint we used in the first lessons of this unit. *Note that the powerpoint must be downloaded in order to view correctly.

I wil use this performance to introduce the idea of performing and/or sharing poetry.  So, I'll discuss with students the difference between reading a poem from a page and watching someone perform it.

We'll talk about how he adds tone and meaning with his voice and the poem comes alive.  We'll also talk about how while none of us are Taylor Mali, we can all share poetry.  This will lead into today's task.

Lesson/Group Work

40 minutes

Today is Poetry in Your Pocket Day, so after our discussion, I will explain that today is a nationally recognized event.  The goal is to choose a poem to carry in your pocket and share with others.

I'll ask students to select a poem to share today.  To help with this I'll place copies of several poetry books I have around the room - including the Poetry for Young People set that students used a few days ago. Students can also use their laptops to browse the following sites.

Shel Silverstein Poems

Reading Poetry in the Middle Grades

Poetry in Your Pocket Day

Dream in Color

Students may print, copy or if they have a device in their pocket, take a pic of a poem to keep with them and share throughout the day.

I want students to read and work individually because I want them to choose the poem that speaks to them.  I will remind them that this is a poem to share, so it should resonate with them and make them want to show it to others.  I'll give them 20 minutes to select a poem.

After their time is up, I will ask that they share their poem at their table by reading it aloud.  Then, one poem from each table will be shared with the entire class.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up today, I'll ask students to reflect in their journals.  "What poem did you choose?  Why did you choose that one (at least one specific reason)?  Who do you plan to share it with today?