Analyzing an Informational Text

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SWBAT evaluate a web page and assess its purpose as an informational text.

Big Idea

Students visit the internet daily, but can they analyze the information accurately.

Advanced Organizer

10 minutes

To get the students prepared for today's conversation, I will ask them what websites they often visit.  I will make a list of websites on the board.  I will then ask the students to explain how they looked for information on the webpage.   Did you they use a search box to help them find the information more easily?  

I will then ask them to tell which web pages they would recommend to a classmate and why. Discuss which aspects of the Web pages were the most helpful, and which were difficult to use.  First, to spark conversation, I will have them share with their Shoulder Partners.  Then, we will share as a whole class.  

Guided Practice

25 minutes

To have the students work with web pages, I will ask them to describe the features on the web page.  We will make a list on the board.  

This will help the students who are not so familiar with it, learn what these features are and what they do.  I will pull up a webpage for the Guided Practice to display and use to model the features as we go over them.  

Next, I will discuss using a web page to locate information needed for a report.  I will ask students to share what I would type in to generate answers.  This will demonstrate how to use key words or phrases to narrow my search and help me locate the information I need.  


Independent Practice

25 minutes

Next, I will have the students work to analyze an example Web page.  I will pass out the Handout and have them work to answer the questions. 

This activity will have them working to understand the features of the web page as well as comprehend the information presented on the page.  

This will really be helpful when we are ready to conduct our research and will allow me to feel more confident with allowing them to work on their own.  

As the students are working, I will circulate and monitor their progress.  

Once the students finish with the activity, I will have them share their responses with their Shoulder Partners and then collect their work for an assessment.  


5 minutes

To close today's lesson, I will have the student fill out a Closure Slip.  It will let me know if the students understand and comprehend how to analyze an informational text.  It will also allow them a chance to process the information presented today in class.