Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond Assessment

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Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to work with numbers 0-20 and greater.

Big Idea

The students have had the opportunity to work with numbers in many different ways. It is now time to assess the learning that has taken place!

Group Assessment

20 minutes

For this assessment, you will need a copy of the Fun with Number Assessment, included as a PDF.  I typically try to use individual assessments whenever possible, but for this unit, I only did a group assessment.  I just did not have enough time or assistance in my classroom to assess the many elements that were covered during this unit.  The only thing I assessed individually for the every student was rote counting to 100.

I have the students take their "testing positions" in the classroom.  They each have an assigned assessment spot that keeps them from looking at their neighbor's paper.  I read each question aloud for the students and circulate around the room while the students are working (see video).    I take notes on which students may need to be pulled and given a quick one-on-one assessment based on their answers.  Upon completion of the test, the students turn them in.  I quickly check to make sure that all questions have been answered.

Summarize Data

5 minutes

After the students complete the assessment, I use the Fun with Numbers Assessment Summary Sheet to summarize the data I gathered from the tests.  This sheet gives me a quick snapshot of who needs reteaching and allows me to organize my math differentiated groups to meet the needs of my students.