Cause and Effect-Informational Text

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SWBAT identify the text structure of an informational piece.

Big Idea

Students look and evaluate an informational text to determine causes and effects.

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

To have the students get into the mindset of cause and effect, I want them to relate it to their own lives.  Advanced Organizer Video

I will ask the students a series of questions to illustrate cause and effect.  The students will answer the questions on the Advanced Organizer  I will have them share their responses with their shoulders partners.  

This will simply get them into the mindset of cause and effect.  

Guided practice

25 minutes

To begin, I will point out that when reading, one person may notice that one effect may have multiple causes. Likewise, some causes may have multiple effects.  For example, an affect, such as a the delivery person leaving the package in the driveway may have several causes, such as the lights in the house being off and the driveway being empty. 

I will review the definitions of cause, effect, and affect using the Cause and Effect  notes.  I will model cause and effect by providing the students with an example on the board.  I will draw a basic cause and effect graphic organizer onto the board and fill it in.  

Next, I will pass out the handout on Hiroshima and have the students work to annotate for cause and effect organizer.  They can work with their partner on completing this graphic organizer.  It will allow them some scaffolding with the skill, but also a gradual release to applying the skill on their own.  

Then, as a class, we will review the graphic organizer and what they completed.  

Independent Practice

25 minutes

We have worked with cause and effect at a basic level, so I wanted the students to gain an understanding for multiple causes or multiple effects. 

To have the students demonstrate their understanding and apply the skill, I will pass out the article titled Titanic  

I will have the students read the article on their own, making annotations on cause and effect. As they are reading, I will pull my struggling readers to read the story and make the annotations together.  

I will also circulate through the room to determine if the other students are understanding the concept and passage.  

Once the students complete the reading, I will have them answer the questions and complete the graphic organizer.  


10 minutes

To reflect on the lesson today, I will have the students write their own examples of cause and effect to demonstrate their understanding of the concept.  

I will have the students do a Round Robin to share out their responses with their peers.  This will also allow the students to assess their peers and help coach them in understanding.