Feature Article, Continued Work Day

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SWBAT transform their interviews into feature articles.

Big Idea

What goes into creating a fascinating feature? Definitely a groundbreaking interview. Students continue to shape their interviews into features.

Finish Outlines

15 minutes

Kids complete their feature article outlines, which they began during the previous lesson, Transformation Day.

They can use this outline, passed out yesterday: Feature Article Outline

As kids are completing these outlines, I walk around and conduct mini writing conferences with students who I have not yet touched base with. Many students opt to tell their stories chronologically. However, some kids tell their stories topically, meaning they select a topics that seemed important from their interviews and expound on them in order of importance.

Read Sample & Write Introduction

25 minutes

I pass out Ms. Larson's Sample Feature Introduction.

We read my sample feature together as a class. It is based on the interview I conducted in Interview: Live.

I make sure everyone has a model to start their own features. Then we begin typing the articles.

Just Another Day…

Audrey Soglin, a twenty-three year old Chicago woman and brand new elementary school teacher, was on her way to work one morning. Spring in Chicago often brought rain and today was no exception. The drops pattered softly on the windshield as Audrey listened to the news coming from the car radio. She heard about a car crash on Lake Shore Drive. “I’m so glad I’m not on that road,” she thought. Little did she know, that seemingly unimportant news story would change her life forever.

After we read over the sample, we talk about


Present Sample, Discuss Feature

35 minutes

In the final part of the lesson, I highlight all of the high quality direct quotes featured in my interview. Then I model figuring out which quotes to choose. I find quotes that include my interviewee's voice.

Then the students decide upon their own direct quotes from their interviews. They highlight their own and decide how to incorporate them into their articles.

Using Ms. Larson's Sample Feature: Sections 2 & 3, kids attempt to create their features based on their interviews.