Drama Performance: A Defenseless Creature

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SWBAT to compare and contrast a drama to its staged version by watching a farce being performed.

Big Idea

Is the live performance what you expected?

Word Roots Warm Up

20 minutes

Today is the day that we take the summative assessment over the Greek & Latin roots we have studied thus far.  I use the test from this book for my students.  However, it wouldn't take any time at all to go back through the PowerPoint slides and make an assessment. 

You simply have to ask yourself, "My money or my time?"

You know my answer!

Getting Down to Business

20 minutes

Once everyone has finished their test, I show students this YouTube video of high school students performing "A Defenseless Creature."  I ask them to pay attention to whether this performance matches their reading from yesterday.

Did They Get It?

10 minutes

As an exit ticket for today's class, I have students compare and contrast the script of "A Defenseless Creature" to the performance we watched.  I ask them to think about whether the staged version was what they expected or not.  What parts seemed right and what parts did not match what you visualized yesterday?

This exit ticket is a formative assessment that I collect as they are leaving class.