Review: Math Vocabulary with Jeopardy

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SWBAT review 4th grade math vocabulary through a game.

Big Idea

Students can review math vocabulary by playing a game of Jeopardy.


5 minutes

Knowing math vocabulary is very important to the success of the students.  If a student does not know what a word means, then they can not answer questions about the word.  They can only guess.  Therefore, in order to help my students be successful in math, I created a jeopardy game with the vocabulary words.  This is a fun way to engage the students in learning.  

I let the students know that today, they will study math vocabulary words by playing a game of Jeopardy.  (Of course, they were excited.)  I go on to tell the students that even though we are playing a game, the purpose of the game is for you to learn the vocabulary.  The students are reminded that we have a very important test coming up.  I tell the students that in order to answer a question, you must understand what is being asked of you.  If you do not know what the word means, then you can not answer the question correctly.  I encourage the students to have fun, but pay attention to the meaning of the words.


Jeopardy Review

45 minutes

The students are sitting at their desk.  They have been divided into 4 groups. (I grouped the students according to ability.  I wanted high, medium, and low students on each group.  This was to give all teams an opportunity to win.) I purchased 4 buzzers this school year because I wanted to incorporate games into my lessons.   I set up one station with 4 buzzers for the students to sit to represent their teams.  (This made it easier to see the buzzers when they were being pushed.  The great thing about these buzzers were they also light up and make different sounds.  This helped a lot when determing who pushed the button first.)

The Jeopardy game is displayed on the Smart board.

I call one team member from each group to the appointed station.  After each question, we rotate the team members in order for all team members to have a chance at playing the game.

By the end of the game, all questions are answered and we have a winner.  I let the students know that they all are winners because now they all are familiar with the meanings of the math vocabulary words.