Should Zoos Exist-Day 5

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SWBAT write questions to guide their research and navigate reliable sources to locate information to answer our research question.

Big Idea

Should Zoos Exist? Students take their research global, while looking on-line at reliable resources to gather the answers to their questions.

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

I want the students to start thinking about what information they already have on the issue and what they need to make their arguments strong. Here is a student notebook.

I will have the students analyze the t-chart we created in the previous lesson.  This t-chart has a collection of their evidence for both sides of the topic. 

I will allow them about 3-5 minutes to share their gathered research with their group in Round Robin.

Guided Practice

10 minutes

Now, I want to model to the students how to evaluate the data and determine what data/information I still need.  To do this, we will generate a class t-chart using the information they have collected.  I will write the information onto the board. 

Then, I will model how I determine which argument needs more evidence and how I generate questions to guide my research. 

I will give them a couple of examples, but I don't want to give too much away, as I want them to generate original questions as well. 


Independent Practice

45 minutes

Now it is the students' turn.  I will have them analyze their own t-charts and generate a list of questions they still have and want answers for. 

I will have them write their research questions down onto index cards.  This way, as they find the answers they can record the works cited information and the answer to their questions. 

I will model how to do this as well. 

Then, I will allow the students to use the internet (we have already had a lesson on reliable sources) to locate the answers to their questions.  This is a great way for them to not only research, but to also learn how to navigate through the very frustrating world of the internet to look for answers. 

I am anticipating the students to struggle with either locating their answers or even being able to comprehend the text they are reading. 

Although I know this could be a struggle, I still think it is good practice and a good introduction to using the internet to research. 

The students will work on this for 45 minutes.  As they are working, I am sure I will be circulating and wishing there was three of me. 


5 minutes

Knowing how frustrated the students are going to become, I will have them reflect on today's activity.  What were some of the struggles they had locating their research?  How did they locate credible sources?  How did they know the sources were credible? 

I will have them reflect in their spirals.  I will call on a few students to share out. Here is a student example