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SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of the content on an assessment.

Big Idea

Students are put to the test...literally.

Advanced Organizer

10 minutes

To allow the students time to review their notes before the assessment, I will allow them about 10 minutes to review their notes or study with a friend or use their Shoulder Partners

This gives them to chance to fit any last minute cramming in before the assessment.  It is also a good way to relax their nerves a bit.  By working with a friend, it may alleviate some of the stress they are feeling. 

I will allow them about 10 minutes to prepare. 


25 minutes

Over the course of the last few days we have spent a lot of time working with dramas.  The students have looked at all the elements of a drama and have had plenty of opportunity to apply the skills needed to read, act out, and comprehend a drama.  Now, it is time to demonstrate their knowledge. 

I will ask the students if they have any last minute questions or need clarification on anything before passing out the assessment

I will pass out the assessment and read through the directions.  Next, I will allow the students 25 minutes to complete the assessment.  As they are working, I will circulate the room and answer any questions I can. 



5 minutes

Once the students have finished the assessment, I will have them fill out a reflection handout.  This will allow them to process the information learned throughout this unit, reflect on their progress, and share out any concerns they have with moving forward. 

I can use these reflection pieces in their portfolios or as a guide for planning future lessons.