The Second Day of School!

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SWBAT set academic goals for themselves for the upcoming school year.

Big Idea

Students will take a diagnostic test in order to determine the grade level in which they are performing mathematics.


5 minutes

Since it is only the second day of school, I will stand at the door and prompt students as they enter with their binder and seat assignment. I will also post this information on the wall in order for students to quickly situate themselves in the classroom. 

Students will complete the Instagram Handout as their Do-Now as soon as they enter. The goal of this assignment is to find out more about the students. I will give students the option of writing words or drawing a picture in each box.

I will remind students as they enter to place their Stamp Sheet and homework on the corner of their desk, as this will be an important classroom routine as the year continues. Then, I will quickly circulate around the room to give out stamps on to students that have begun working. Next I will have a handful of student volunteers share out the Instagram page. I will collect the rest to read at a later time.

Quiz Review

10 minutes

To reinforce the classroom procedures and expectations learned during our last class, we will grade the Classroom Procedures Quiz that was completed that day together as a whole group. Students will switch papers with a partner and grade their responses. We will briefly discuss each answer. 

Diagnostic Test

45 minutes

The majority of today's class will be spent completing a diagnostic test. This test is important as it provides baseline data for where the students are currently performing in mathematics. I will also use this data to form intervention and enrichment small groups.

My district provides an online diagnostic test on the computer through a system called PLATO, but any diagnostic assessment will provide the same data.

I have attached a School Website Scavenger Hunt for students to complete in the computer lab as they are waiting for other students to finish the assessement. This assignment can be modified for your school's website.

Classroom Procedures Skits

20 minutes

After completing the diagnostic assessment we will return to the classroom. I will break students up into groups of four or five. I will ask groups to create two short skits, that show "What to Do" and "What not to Do". I will tell students to have fun while creating the skits and to be as creative as possible. 

Groups will then be assigned a particular classroom procedure or rule:

  • Entering the Classroom
  • Lateness
  • Asking to use the Restroom or Leave Seat
  • Conflict with another student
  • Conflict with Ms. Davis
  • Needing help on an assignment

After about 10 minutes, the groups will perform the skits for the class and we will vote on which group illustrated the procedure best.