Final Exam Review!

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SWBAT review major concepts in preparation for their final exam.

Big Idea

Students will review major cluster standards through a station activity.


20 minutes

In today's lesson, the class will begin preparing for their final exam. Students will spend about 10 minutes completing the Do Now. This Do-Now is longer in length than usual, but will serve as a tool to refresh student's to previously learned material.

Next, we will review the Do-Now. I will ask three students to come up to the front of the room to complete three problems of their choice on the board. I will model the remaining three problems for the class as a whole group.

Group Activity: Stations

50 minutes

Teaching Note: The final exam review station cards should be cut up and displayed in the classroom prior to the start of this activity. I hung 6 of the stations along the walls of my classroom, and taped 6 more to student desks.

Students will be complete the Final Exam Review Stations in pairs. Students should use the third and fourth page of this document to record their responses as they are working. 

After 30 minutes, I will ask each pair to claim one problem from the wall and to return to their seats. Then each pair will come to the front of the room to present their solution for their problem and to share any strategies or tips that students can use to be successful when completing problems of this sort.


10 minutes

At the end of today's lesson I will ask the class to use a piece of paper to complete a class survey. Students should leave the survey anonymous. The paper should be folded in half.

I will ask students to reflect on the major units that we have studied throughout the year, in addition to the examples completed during today's station activity. Students will then be instructed to list 3-5 topics that they are comfortable with on the left one side, and 3-5 topics that they would like to review further on the right side. Students will then pass the surveys to the front. I will quickly go through each one, creating a quick tally on the board to keep track of the most common responses.

We will use this data to have a whole group discussion to decide what our focus should be for the review days leading up to their final exam. The class will also discuss any similarities in the concepts that the majority felt the most comfortable with, and to identify any beneficial learning strategies or activities done in those units that could be applied during our upcoming review.