Graphing Quadratic Functions (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT graph quadratic functions on a coordinate plane.

Big Idea

Students will graph more challenging quadratic functions using the zero product property and coordinate pairs.


10 minutes

Students will complete the Do Now in 5 minutes. As students are working I will pass back the graded exit cards from our last class. Two student student volunteers will then go up to the board to sketch their Do-Now responses, carefully labeling the key elements of the graph.

A student volunteer will read our objective, "SWBAT graph quadratic functions on a coordinate plane."

Before moving forward, we will briefly review the old exit cards as a whole group.

Guided Notes + Practice

30 minutes

Will continue to graph quadratic functions using this Presentation. Student will also need copies of the quadratic graph paper

Today's lesson will examine functions with more complex visual representations. Students will graph quadratic functions that do not have any real roots through the use of the y-intercept. For these examples, I will first ask the class to try to find the roots of each quadratic by factoring. When students see that the function cannot be factored, I will ask them to make a connection about the location of the roots of that quadratic function. 

I will also encourage students to find additional coordinates of each function using an input/output table.  

Slide Six will walk students through the graphing of a quadratic function using a graphing calculator. Students may also refer to this handout to assist them as they work.

Whole Group Activity: Stations

30 minutes

Teaching Note: The Around the World Question Cards should be laminated and taped to the top of every other desk in your classroom prior to the start of this activity. Answers can be recorded using this handout.

The class will review all concepts from the Quadratic Functions unit with a game of around the world. Should work in pairs for this assignment. Students pairs will travel around the room, moving from desk to desk to complete each problem. Pairs should be seated at a desk when solving each problem, and can only transition to another desk once it has been solved.

Being as a whole group after about 25 minutes. The responses to this activity can be reviewed using Slides 9 - 12 of our earlier Presentation.


10 minutes

I will ask the volunteers to compare and contrast the processes used when graphing linear, absolute, and quadratic functions.  I will also ask class to think about the transformations of these functions, and to identify any overarching themes seen throughout the various units that we have completed this year.

Students will then complete an Exit Card.