Making it Human

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SWBAT write and explain how authors use personification to make characters and details more interesting.

Big Idea

Personification is fun. Students can have fun connecting and dissecting cartoons they know to understand personification.

Human Traits

3 minutes

I ask students to help me with the lesson today by playing a game to start. I need them to take out their white boards for the game. Students get very excited when they hear that we will start with a game. 

I am going to give them two minutes and I show them how I have set the time on a stop watch. When I say go they are going to write down things that we know that humans do that other animals do not. I give them the example of talking. I let them have a moment to think and then say "go."

When the two minutes are up we make a class list of what they cam up with on the white board. I go onto explain that the traits, like talking and some of the others they came up with, are human traits. When we use these traits on animals or things we have now used personification. 

Silly Smiles

10 minutes

To help students see very real examples of personification, we are going to watch a video. The video is taken from Beauty and the Beast by Disney. As we watch the video, I want them to use their white boards to write down anything that they are seeing as examples of personification. They do not need to write sentences, but need to make sure they understand their notes.

I then open the class to discussing what they see. I let them call on each other to share. They need to give their examples to the class one by one. 







Personification Practice

10 minutes

To practice how personification works we will be completing a worksheet together. As we work on the worksheet, we will discuss each one and how it is used to help us visualize. If students are getting the hang of personification, I would have them complete the rest of the worksheet on their own to use as a lesson assessment.