Transformation Day!

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SWBAT take their completed interview and turn it into a full blown feature, starting with an outline.

Big Idea

How do we turn an interview into something more? Students spend time pulling important quotes to shape their feature outlines.

Silent Reading, Interview Check-In

30 minutes

Today, all interviews are due.

Interview Sample Questions & Guidelines

I circulate while kids are silent reading their magazines to check in their interviews and answer any last minute questions. I ask them to type these interviews outside of class, so some kids need to put the finishing touches on their work, some need to print... I allow some extra time for kids to get situated, because in order to be successful during today's lesson, they're really going to need as typed, hard-copy of their interview.

Five Minute Focus Read: Log Set Up

10 minutes

Check out my independent reading strategy folder to learn more about this time in my classroom.

Five Minute Focus Read Explanation Video

Interview & Feature Article, Transformation Work

30 minutes

Now, I am ready to model the process of turning an interview into an actual article! Magic!!

First thing I do, I model scanning my interview for really important direct quotes (not my words, my interviewee). These quotes should show speaker's voice and they should come directly from my interview. I highlight them in my sample: my highlighted interview. I want to make sure I choose between four and five direct quotes.

Then, I find to my Feature Article Outline. I plug in my quotes to my outline first. I find the quotes dictate the section. I can more easily build sections around the variety of direct quotes that I choose than find quotes to match the section topics. I explain and model this process using my highlighted interview + outline.

Then I am free to create my headings and central ideas for each section. I model this entire process in chunks. First I pull quotes, pause, and allow a time for students to do the same. Then I fill in my quotes to the Feature Article Outline. Then I pause and allow students to do the same. Finally, I fill in my headings and central ideas... all the while kids are following along.

Here is a stellar student sample about a boy whose mother was in NYC during 9/11:

Student Sample: 9/11 Feature