Poetry Power

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SWBAT analyze two poems and write differences that they found between the two.

Big Idea

In this lesson students will begin to use structural elements of poems to help compare the differences between two poems. Using the vocabulary to help them in comparing and contrasting the two.

List of Structural Elements of Poetry

5 minutes

To begin we are going to create an anchor chart. On the anchor chart we are going to write down some of the elements of poetry we have studied and cover the ones that might have learned in previous learning experiences. I create a pyramid and we are going to layer it with levels of poetry. As we brainstorm and discuss what elements we know, I write those on the white board. I will not transfer them to the anchor chart until we are sure they belong there. 

Here are the elements that I want to cover with them and given examples of: rhyme, alliteration, personification, similes, metaphors, theme, and mood. The pyramid could include the main idea. 

Reading to Respond

5 minutes

The next part is looking at poems and the structural elements that they carry. To do this I make numerous copies of poems that students can select from. They will select two and use them to read and determine structural elements. 

Students will now read the two poems they chose. They will need to annotate, make notes, or write any thought they have about the poems as they read. This is so they are more prepared to discuss the elements of the poems. 


List of Poems

Compare and Contrast with Vocabulary

10 minutes

Using the structural elements that we devised, students will now compare the two poems. They will use the structural elements to describe the two poems and to show how they are alike and different. I would like them to write down the vocabulary and terms they will use to compare. To do this they can create a T-Chart on their white boards. They will then use this vocabulary to explain to a partner the two poems.