All About Adjectives

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SWBAT find and write adjectives that are used in our story to discuss how they help the reader understand more.

Big Idea

Adjectives should be a review, but reteaching how they can impact text is critical. Students will use them to write, comprehend, and discuss their importance within the text.

Prove It

5 minutes

We start by reviewing what we have read and get ready to read Chapter 9. We review what we have previously learned about imagery. I want to dive into this deeper so I ask my class what makes good imagery. I let them talk it over with their peer buddy first. As they talk it out, I hand out iPads.

During the discussion, we have after they have talked with their buddy, I prompt them to look at the words that make up a good imagery sentence. To help them find good words, we are going to use the iPads. I hand out QR Codes to each student so that they can get to the website faster. The website is Spark Notes character analysis. They will work in partners and write down any words that help describe the characters, of Ellen and Annemarie, onto their white boards. We will discuss the words they found. The discussion after will center on adjectives and their use in imagery. 

Limitless List

10 minutes

With a good base on adjectives, and how they are used in literature, we will read the chapter together. When we finish reading, we will begin a hunt for adjectives. While we read the students will help me create a list and will create their own list of adjectives. On my list, I want to write down the adjectives and the nouns they describe. 

We will then rank some of the best adjectives that were used within the chapter. With a good look at adjectives, we then will talk about using more descriptive adjectives when we read to give the reader a better image so that the reader can visualize.