Unit Review Game: Trashball

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SWBAT review the important concepts of parametric equations and polar coordinates.

Big Idea

Students love to throw things - so make it into a review game!

Check Unit Review

20 minutes

There are two activities on today's agenda - correct the quiz review that was assigned for homework and play Trashball to review for tomorrow's assessment. I will begin class by putting the answers to the quiz review on the document camera and going around to check in with each table to get a feel for what questions they have and address any quick concerns.

In this video I highlight some key questions that usually give my students some trouble.

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Trashball Review Game

30 minutes

To play Trashball, I will divide the class up into two teams. I use this PowerPoint and show questions one at a time that encompass all of the topics we studied in this unit. All students will work on the problem. I tell them that they may quietly whisper with their tables if they need help, but no one should be shouting out answers or talking loudly. 

Once students have had time to finish the question, I will randomly select a student to give the answer. If they get it right we will discuss the problem and go over any questions about it. If their answer is incorrect, I will begin to alternate teams until someone gives the correct answer.

The correct answer earns one point for the team. Then they will get to throw a crumpled up piece of paper into the trashcan from one of four specified locations for additional points for their team. As the locations get farther away from the trashcan, the point values increase. I usually use 5, 10, 15, and 50 points, with the 50 point shot being the farthest corner of the room.

The game will continue until all of the questions have been answered and the team with the most points will win.