Fu Finds the Way- Summary Writing

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SWBAT plan and write a 1-3 paragraph summary of a story.

Big Idea

Support summary writing through planning.

Active Engagement

5 minutes

"Students in a minute I am going to read you a story titled, Fu Finds the Way by John Rocco.

This is a story about a boy named Fu set in ancient China.  Fu learns a very important lesson about purpose, flow, and patience.

As I read the story to you, I want you to pay attention to the events and how each event is related to the next.

After you hear the story, you will make a plan to help you write a summary of the story.  I will give you two options on how to plan your summary."

Interactive Read Aloud

15 minutes

Say, "In this story, Fu the main character, learns about the importance of purpose, flow, and patience."

Read the story aloud to the students using the document camera so students can see the pictures.

When you are finished, ask the students to retell the story across their fingers to their partners.

Guide students by remembering to retell what happens in the beginning of the story, the middle of the story and in the end of the story.

After students retell to their partner, call on students to retell each part of the story.

 "Great job, students.  Now watch as I use this list planning sheet to record my retell of the story."  

Show form and begin demo.

Plan your summary first

5 minutes

"Today students I am going to show you how to use this planning sheet to guide your writing of a summary of the the story Fu Finds The Way.

It is important to introduce your topic to the reader.  You will notice here at the top of the page I put a place for you to write the title, characters, setting, big idea and lesson(s).  Doing this will help you get started with your summary."

Show list form.

"See how I filled out the  top part of the form with the title and other important information?  When you get your plan do the same thing.  Fill out the top.  Then fill out the important events that happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story."

This is how your plan will look after it is filled out."

Pass out list form with story mountain on the back for students to choose from to use to plan their summary.

"Students, once you have your form you may go back to your seats and begin planning your summary. you can choose to use the story mountain of the beginning, middle, end planning form.  Are their any questions?"

Release students to go back to their seats with the plan.

Independent Work

15 minutes

"Now, students we have orally retold the story, Fu Finds the Way.  You are going to use this planning form to guide your thinking as you use either the list method of making a plan for your written summary or a Story Mountain to make a plan for your written summary of the story.

First, you will complete your planning sheet of the main events in the story.  Then you will use your planning sheet to write a 1-3 paragraph summary of the story Fu Finds the Way.  Tomorrow you will turn in your plan and your completed summary written on lined paper.

Any questions?

Ok I am going to send you back to your seats to get started."


Wait a few minutes as students begin to settle in to their independent work.  As students are working, I will confer with individual students to check on their progress.


10 minutes

With about 5 minutes left of the period, I will tell the students to share their progress with their partner.

"Students, if you did not finish writing your summary for Fu Finds the Way, please put your plan and your summary in your homework folder to finish tonight for homework."

Show student work and compliment those who finished their plan and summary.