Review Day

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SWBAT multiply and factor polynomial expressions.

Big Idea

Students will complete two review activities to solidify their understanding of the polynomial operations we have studied in class.


10 minutes

Students will complete the Do Now in 5 minutes. While students are working, I will pass back the graded exit cards from our last class, and ask students to review any answers that they may have gotten incorrect.

I will cold call students for Do-Now solutions, then ask each student to talk me through the necessary steps needed for solving while I write on the board. Next, a volunteer will read the objective, "SWBAT multiply and factor polynomial expressions'.


20 minutes

I will provide students with the following four journal prompts on the board. Students will be given 10 minutes to respond to at least two in their notebooks:

  1. Describe the relationship between the distributive property and factoring.
  2. A square has an area of 9x2 + 30x + 25. The dimensions are binomials with positive integer coefficients. What is the perimeter of the square? Justify your answer.
  3. How could you factor a polynomial like 4qr + 8r + 3q + 6 using the AC method?
  4. Find all values of k so that 2x2 + kx + 5 can be factored as two binomials using integers.

I will ask students to use math terminology and concrete examples to justify their responses. After 10 minutes, I will ask students to walk around the room and share their responses with 3-5 different classmates. Next, I will ask students to think about all of the responses that they heard from their peers, and to vote for the students with the most thorough responses to share out for the entire group.

Group Activity: Bingo

40 minutes

The class will play bingo as an opportunity to practice factoring and polynomial multiplication.

The bingo boards were created using an Excel document. A great way to accomplish this quickly and easily is to use the Bingo Card Generator on this site:

"...Open the document and click print. Then click the shuffle button and hit print again. Each time you hit the shuffle button excel creates a unique bingo boards that you can print out and use."

Here is a preview of what you get: Factoring Review Bingo. You can download and print this file or create your own.


10 minutes

We have used Algebra Tiles multiple times during the last few classes. I will ask students to reflect on their use, and how they have helped us master objectives in this unit. I will then ask students to reflect on the visual representation of a prime polynomial.

Students will then complete an Exit Card.