Interpreting an Idea

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SWBAT infer a character's actions in the story and analyze what their action accomplished.

Big Idea

Students will work in pairs to create a flow chart that explains a comment that Mrs. Johansen makes in our story and the result that occurred from it.

Review What We Know and Where We Were Headed

2 minutes

When we ended the last chapter we made a lot of predictions about what was happening. In the story I want review how the Annemaries's mother and uncle were preparing for a funeral. The class had discussed briefly what was happening and they were beginning to predict and conclude that this might be secret code of sorts. I want to lead them through this discussion again. This way they are more prepared for the upcoming chapter. 

We talk about how when they went to the uncles house the dad and uncle had spoken in code. We discuss how we know it was code and the reasons they might have done it this way. We will then discuss the funeral and their predictions for what this might actually mean. 

Let's Make a Chart

2 minutes

The next step is using our white boards to create a flow chart. I have them draw a box and connect the boxes with arrows. I explain that inside each box they will be answering a set of questions that all connect together. 

Once they have drawn their boxes, I want to explain why we are going to use this graphic organizer. I want students to understand that a flow chart is a way of connecting ideas, or putting things in order. The last time we used a flow chart was when practiced chronological order. I want to remind them of the process and how we are using it to connect ideas today.

What Did Mrs. Johansen Say?

15 minutes

Now we need to get busy and fill in the chart. In the first box, I ask the class to write what Mrs. Johansen says when the soldiers arrive at the uncle's house. I ask them to write at least one sentence, and a supportive sentence if needed.

Te second box, I want them to explain what they felt about what she said. Was it a good response? They need a couple of sentences that explain why they felt Mrs. Johansen was smart with her response. I also ask them to write a sentence on why she said what she did even though it was a lie.

The last box, is for them to analyze what she said and whether it worked or not. They need to support their answer with evidence about their answer. Students can also decide on whether the lie was worthwhile and if it is ok to lie.