Putting the Pieces Together: Social Commentary Work Day

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SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience by drafting and revise their final social commentary projects.

Big Idea

Some times you have to invest some work time so that their projects will (hopefully) be better thought through and executed.


10 minutes

We will start class with ten minutes of reading time. I will read with the students during this time. 

Social Commentary Work Time

18 minutes

Today's class will chiefly be work time. My students BEGGED me to have some class time to work on their social commentaries, and, since I really want these projects to be good, I decided it was worth giving them what they asked for. Plus, it is important to allow them time for planning, drafting and revision (W.9-10.5), as those are just as important as the final product as far as the standards are concerned. During this time, students can choose to work on their final projects or work on researching and drafting for their final projects. 

I will wander the room as they are working to check in and make sure that everyone is on the right track. I will also remind them individually that the purpose for these projects is to create a valid argument (W.9-10.1) and then think about how to support that argument or message within the structure of their chosen genre and appropriate for their audience (W.9-10.4). 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

2 minutes

I will leave the last few minutes of class for clean up. I will also make sure that students know that they can email me/come see me if they are still stuck on finalizing details for their projects when they go home to work on them tonight.