CLOSE: Electric Connections

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SWBAT use annotations to make connections and draw how electricity moves from a dam to their house.

Big Idea

While studying electricity students can take articles and text to help them understand how annotations can be used across contexts.

What We Know

2 minutes

Similar to a KWL chart we will be concentrating on what we know about electricity. Before we CLOSE read, I want to check their prior knowledge and see what they know before we read. I write what we know on the white board about electricity. I just prompt the class and help facilitate their thinking, but do not add my thoughts to the conversation. When I prompt, I am seeking to find out what they know. 

Annotate and Make Connections

15 minutes

I ask students to get out two to three sticky notes in order to annotate on them. We are going to be reading an article from the internet. As they read they will use their sticky notes to write down information and form ideas about the information they are reading. 

When they complete the reading, I go back over the text with them just like a normal CLOSE reading. As we go, I add my ideas to sticky notes and have them displayed under the document camera. We then discuss what we have learned and I give the class an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. 

Draw a Diagram

2 minutes

When reading they had many illustrations and text features to aide them in the understanding. One of the standards relates to using diagrams and text features. To get them use to paying attention to them, I want to play a game with them using their white boards and the article. 

The game is a memory game of sorts. When I say go the class will get one minute to look over all the pictures and diagrams from the internet article. Wen time is up they have to hit the menu button on their iPad. It is important to only give them this part of the directions so that you do not have some students trying to the next part as they read. 

Next, they will have to draw the steps it takes electricity to get from dam to your house. They will only be given about two minutes to draw. I then ask them to turn their iPads back on and check their drawing with the article. I discuss what they notice and what steps they left off. 

I ask them to then turn off their iPad once more and fix their drawing. I then have them check it a second time and they now have a more accurate diagram to practicing labeling. As independent practice, they will now label their diagram using the site and what they learned from the reading. To get their points they need to show me their finished diagram.