Jellybeans!! Sorting, Graphing and Tally Marks

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Students will be able to sort by color and represent results on a simple graph and with tally marks.

Big Idea

Your students will have some sweet fun using jelly beans to reinforce some simple math concepts.


15 minutes

For this part of the lesson, you will need the My Jelly Beans included as a PDF with this lesson.  One copy of this file creates two books.  Duplicate the booklet, using the side stapling option on the copier and cut the books in half.

I distribute the books to my students and have them write their name on the front cover.  I tell them, we are going to read this book together.  You will need to do some counting.  After we are done with our math activity, you will have a chance to color in the book. 

The name of our story is My Jelly Beans.  Raise your hand if you like jelly beans.  Tell your neighbor what your favorite color   Let's read our story to see what it is about. 

Page 1:  Do you like jelly beans?  I do!!  Will you help me count my jelly beans?  There are so many!

Page 2:  Let's look at this page.  It says, "There are (blank) green jellybeans." So when you color the book in later, you will need to color the jellybeans green.  But now, I want you to count the jellybeans.  Do you remember what we know about a full ten frame?  That's right.  You can say ten for a full ten frame and then count the rest of the jellybeans.  After you count the jellybeans, write down the number on the page.  I circulate around the room and check their work.  I remind students who are counting the jellybeans individually how to count the full ten frame and then count on from ten.

Pages 3-5: Continue as above.

Page 6:  Maybe it's time to start eating healthy!  Next year let's try baked beans!  This picture has been in a lot of the stories we have read together.  The students love it and start laughing. 

We then move on to the activity portion of the lesson.  The students will be given time to color the book after the activity is done. 


15 minutes

For this activity, you will need Jelly Bean Graphing included as a PDF with this lesson.  Do not run the pages back to back.  You will also need jelly beans for the students.  The graph is made to match the colors of the Starburst Jellybeans (my favorite).  I put about 20 jelly beans in a snack size zipper bag. 

I pass the sorting and graphing sheets out to the students and tell them, We are going to be sorting jellybeans by color.  You will take the jellybeans out of the cup and place them on the baskets on your paper.  Each basket on your paper should only have one color on it. 

The students sort the jellybeans  and I check their work.  When everyone is done sorting their hearts, I explain to the students what we will do next.  "We are now going to graph our jellybeans.  Let's start by reading each color on our graph and coloring the jellybean next to the color name so we graph our jellybeans in the correct spot."  I read the color name and have the students color in the color next to each one.

I now tell the students that they are going to color in the correct number of jellybeans next to each color, I say, "If I have three green jellybeans, I will color in three jellybeans next to the green.  Continue doing this until all of your jellybeans are represented on the graph, showing the number of jellybeans of each color.  When you are done graphing, then you need to record how many jellybeans you have of each color by making tally marks.  When you are all done, you have two questions to answer.  You need to color in which color has the most and which color has the fewest."

The students begin their graphing while I circulate around the room. See video. I assist any students who need help.  When the students are done graphing, they show me their work before moving the jellybeans from the sorting sheet so I can check their work.  When they have completed their graph, I check their work and then they put the jellybeans in the bag so they can take them home.  

I also included a Jelly Bean Patterns sheet that the students completed when they were done with their graphing.