Compare with Care

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Students will compare numbers using the symbols for "greater than", "less than", and "equal to".

Big Idea

Kindergartners compare numerals with love.


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I gather students in front of the white board. I guide the class in a discussion centered on what we have learned so far about comparing numbers, and Allie the Alligator. I am listening for students to use mathematical terms such as greater than, less than, equal to, and the idea that Allie the Alligator eats the bigger number.

Asking students to recall information is an important skill in memory building that I use daily. When students are aware that memory is an active process that needs to be re-visited, they tend to feel less "put on the spot" during a lesson to come up with a response. Re-visiting key ideas and vocabulary frequently gives my students self-confidence.

My teaching partner passed this activity on to me. I really like this task because students not only need to compare numbers, but work on number recognition skills.

While seated at the white board, I call a handful of students up to read and complete the number sentences. Students are quite secure with this task, as we have been practicing. After several examples are modeled, students are ready for independent work. 

Independent Work

15 minutes

Students are sent to tables for independent completion. I have differentiated this task, and discuss that in my reflection.

I have included a video that highlights the class working in general, and a one-on-one video with a child who was working with numbers at a higher level.

As students are working, I am assisting a group that is struggling. With this group of children, I am still helping them develop number sense and recognition. Without being able to recognize numerals, comparing them is difficult.