Shakespeare's Birthday, April 23

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SWBAT participate in a celebration of Shakespeare's life and contributions.

Big Idea

Making memories with William Shakespeare...

Masks and Costumes

5 minutes

To prepare for today's festivities, last week, I told the class that we were planning a celebration.  I told them they could wear costumes and do Shakespeare performances (if they wanted to.)  I also sent out this mask template that I found.  Only a few students dressed up, and a few made tee shirts with a Shakespeare message on them.  It made the day seem more festive!

Guess Who? Game

15 minutes

I started class by reviewing the agenda and explaining the game.  

For the game: I wrote the names of characters from Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night, along with other Shakespeare-related people (like Queen Elizabeth), on Post-Its and put the notes on students' backs.  During the game, they had to figure out who they "were" by asking yes or no questions.  The only other rule was that, once they made a guess about their character, they had to move on to a new person to start questioning again.

After each player figured out their person, they stuck their Post-It to the board and picked up a cupcake.  Most students figured out their person pretty easily, but some took more time.   The kids had a lot of fun with it.

Viewing: The Reduced Shakespeare Company/Complete Works

60 minutes

We watched The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged.  The kids really enjoyed it, but -- I warn you -- some of the sight gags and language were a bit bawdy (completely in line with Shakespeare's style, but...just watch it before you show it.  You may want to skip a part or two.)   I bought the DVD, but it is available on YouTube.