Making The Claim

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SWBAT write an argumentative piece based on research conducted in the classroom.

Big Idea

Students finally take their stance! Are zoos helpful or harmful to endangered species?

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

The students have been working really hard researching and sorting through informational text trying to determine what their stance will be on the issue of whether or not zoos are helpful or harmful to endangered species. 

I want them to really think about and digest the information, remembering what their stances have been throughout the research. 

I will ask them to take out their notes and answer the prompt "Overall, I feel that zoos are ________ to endangered species."  I don't want them to defend as of yet, but just to use this time to reflect on how the feel after looking at the research.

I will ask them to record their final claim onto a post it note Advanced Organizer and place it on the board in the appropriate section. 

Instruction/Guided Practice

45 minutes

It is time to get writing!  I will pass out the graphic organizer and discuss with the students how to use it to draft their argument.  I want them to use a graphic organizer first to ensure they have are organized with their evidence.  For some students, I will first have them work to organizer their claims and evidence using the handout.  This is just another way to scaffold for the struggling students. 

I will walk them through how to set up the introduction.  I will display the graphic organizer and discuss the parts that are needed to construct an argumentative paragraph.  Most students will be familiar with the hook, but an introduction to the topic as well as a statement of position/stance is needed.  I will model how I write a paragraph using the example. 

Once I have modeled it, I will have students write a draft of their Introduction Example  I will allow the students time to work.  I will circulate through the room, checking their work and most likely working with a few students. 

Once they have completed the graphic organizer for their introductions, I will conference with them to make a plan for the next, most difficult, phase of the  writing. 


5 minutes

I will have the students complete a Closure Slip, reflecting on their work today.  Writing is a task that I often hear more complaints about and get the most resistance in doing.  However, when pushed, I notice most students are very capable.  Some students just need a little support getting started or staying organized. 

I will ask the students to complete a closure slip.  I can use this to assess their understanding and help me determine where to go next in planning.