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SWBAT compute successive percentages.

Big Idea

students work in groups to display work on chart paper that explores successive percentages

Do Now

10 minutes

Students enter silently according to the Daily Entrance Routine. The items on the Do Now reflect skills many students did not show mastery on the latest mock test. Using the words “subtracted from” is often challenging when translating algebraic expression to about a fourth of my students. These problems also involve a complex application skill: students must understand that they will need to use the distributive property to subtract a binomial from another binomial.

There will be 5 minutes set at the beginning of class. While students work independently, I will be targeting students with whom I will need to review the key concepts mentioned above.

After 5 minutes, I will set a 2 minute timer for students to finish or conference with neighbors. We will share out the answers in the last 3 minutes of class. I will be calling on different students to answer and help answer each question. 

Guided Practice

10 minutes

Students put away their Do Now and I distribute the guided practice. It includes two problems involving successive percentages, or word problems where percentages must be applied successively.


The key information in this lesson is that students cannot simply add the percentages to calculate the piece. Each percentage must be applied in succession.

Students will be given 5 minutes to complete the second problem independently, raising their hands to show me any relevant work (bar models) and answers. As students answer correctly, they will be sent to work in booths in groups of 4. Any students who do not complete the second problem within the given time will either work with me or be allowed to work independently until they finish in order to join other groups. 


20 minutes

A 20 minute timer will be set. Students will be working in groups of 4 or with me. After 10 minutes, I will walk around the room handing out pieces of chart paper for students to solve one problem I assign them if I have seen that they solved it correctly on their paper. At 2 minutes left in this section, 1 student from each group will be asked to come tape the problems to the board. We will not have time to review these answers in order to make time for an exit ticket. Thus it is important to carefully view students’ work when electing groups to complete problems on chart paper.


10 minutes

Students receive an exit ticket. It includes three multiple choice problems whose answers students will bubble into a scantron and turn in at the end of class. The scantron will allow me to grade these scantrons quickly in order to make time to analyze the data and determine if I need to remediate smaller groups of students during study hall periods.