Should Zoos Exist-Day 2

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SWBAT identify main idea and supporting details in informational text and use the information to make claims based on evidence.

Big Idea

Students are faced with a tough decision, "Are zoos helpful or harmful to endangered species?" Students research information to take a stance on the topic.

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

We are picking up with our research where we left off in the previous lesson and I want students to recall their claim on the issue; "Are zoos helpful or harmful to endangered species?"  I will have students review their notes and annotations, as well as their post it notes and place their last stance onto the board, under the appropriate category.  

We will take a few moments to discuss the articles/video we watch in the previous lesson, making sure all of our notes and summaries are completed.  This will also help the students recall their reactions to the topic.  

I will have students share out and discuss their findings and claims.   I will review the Should there be zoos power point and pick up on the slide we left off on the previous day. 

Guided Practice/Independent Practice

35 minutes

We will be continuing our research and work so we are prepared to make on arguments on the topic of whether or not zoos help endangered species. 

First, I will pass out the article title "The Swazi Eleven".  The students will go through the same format as before.  We will read the article aloud first.  Then, I will have the students go through and locate the main idea and supporting details using the The Swazi Eleven G.O

Next, I will have them stop and to a Round Robin to discuss their findings with the group.  This will give them a chance to check their work and also receive feedback from their peers.  It will also give me a quick assessment on how well the students are doing with locating the main idea. 

Then, once the information is checked, the students can fill out the Article The Swazi Eleven Summary

Once they have written a summary, they will receive a post it note and make a claim based on the information they have as to whether or not zoos are harmful or helpful to endangered species. 

I will ask a few students to defend their claims and discuss their evidence.  This will give students the chance to share their work and receive additional feedback.  It also allows them to hear their peers thoughts on the issues. 

Finally, I will pass out the next article titled "How Do Zoos Help".  I will release them to work a little more independently.  I will have them read it on their own and complete their annotations.  I will allow about 15 minutes to work. 

After they have read and made their annotations, I will have them work with their shoulder partners to pull out the main idea, supporting details, and to write their summaries using the Summary Graphic Organizer

Again, once the summaries are written, we will write our newest claim on a post it note and provide our evidence. 

I will ask a few students to share out on their claims and evidence. 


5 minutes

I want the students to have a few moments to digest all the information they worked with today.  For the closure, I will have them take a minute to reflect on the information and record their thoughts and reactions.  I will have them write their responses into their spirals. Here is a student reflection