Poetry Celebration

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SWBAT select, memorize and recite a poem for a poetry night class celebration.

Big Idea

Memorize and Recite a poem for Parent Night!


5 minutes

"Students, everyone is so excited about reading and writing poetry, I was thinking maybe we should have a poetry night celebration and invite parents.  What do you think?"  Your job this week will be to find a poem you like and practice it so you can recite it from memory.

Get kids enthusiastic about having a special event by setting up committees. 

We will need 4 committees to plan for our poetry night.  Food, program, Invitations, Room preparations and decorations.

This week as you are reading poetry- I want you to select a poem to memorize and recite for our classroom celebration of poetry.

I want you to sign up for one of the committees. We will have 7 people in each committee.  While we are signing up, I want  the materials person from each table to pass out our poetry books.  Put 4-5 poetry books at each each table.

Call rows up to sign up on the chart paper for one of the 4 committees or assign students.  After everyone has signed up release the students back to their seats to read independently.  Their goal is to select a poem they enjoy and want to recite for our celebration.

Independent Reading

25 minutes

Students, use this time to search for the poem you want to memorize.  When you find one, copy it into your reading response notebook.  Make sure you tab it, write the title and the author.

Then you will have it to practice this week.

Circulate through the class, checking on students progress.


15 minutes

In the coming days, reserve about 15 -20 minutes a day for students to come up in front of the class and rehearse their poem using the microphone. Teach the other students how to be a good audience.  They will stop what they are doing and listen to the person reciting their poem. In the beginning they may read their poem, but push the students to start to memorize it.

Another aspect of the rehearsal is to make time for the committees to meet and make decisions about the food, program, decorations and room preparations, and invitations.

Our poetry night turned out great, the food included: takis and chips, meatballs, juice and rootbeer floats.  The program committee put together a slideshow with each students picture and title and author of the poem they recited.  The invitations committee made two different versions of an invitation.  One was Seattle Seahawks themed..and the other was nature themed.  They then made copies of the invitations for everyone to take home and give to their families.

The Celebration Prep

45 minutes

On the day of the celebration the  students rearranged the classroom to set up for our poetry night.

They pushed the desks together and covered them with butcher paper, some kids brought folding chairs from the cafeteria and set them up, the program committee made last minute updates to the slideshow and made sure that was ready.

Students made posters and displayed poetry written during the unit.

Room 14's Poetry Night

60 minutes


As families arrived, the students on the food committee offered and served refreshments.   Once everyone had arrived the students sat in the front of the classroom on the rug so that they could easily take their place when it was their turn to recite.  This left room for the parents and families members in the chairs.  

The student announcer from the program committee started our night off with an opening and welcome.  The slide show was advanced by a student. The slide show was very helpful in the timing and organization of the student presentation.