Statistics Performance Assessment

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Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of standard deviation, sampling, and the normal distribution.

Big Idea

This unit assessment includes both a quiz and a performance task looking at the occurrence of cheating with cellphones in a mathematics class room.


40 minutes

This quiz allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of each skill learned in this unit.  The questions range from demonstrating specific skills like finding the standard deviation to evaluating what type of sampling method should be used to gain a specific piece of information for a population (Math Practice 5).  

I have not included a warm up in this lesson as I want the student to have as much time as possible to complete the quiz and work on the subsequent project.

I have two versions of this quiz that I pass out checkerboard style.  

Statistics Article

10 minutes

The goal of this project is for the students to demonstrate their knowledge of statistics in an authentic manner (Math Practice 2 and 4) as I explain in my video Narrative.  In future years, I envision this will be expanded into a larger group project, if I have additional instructional days .  For the set up I will have already surveyed the class in order to present the students with a spreadsheet of the data with the project guidelines.  They will work on this after they finish the quiz.  It will be due the following Monday so they have some time to work on it.