Google Gallery Walk - Poetry Lesson 10

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SWBAT analyze multiple poems with a group and establish a thematic connection between one poem and artwork.

Big Idea

No space? Take a virtual walk through a gallery of poetry.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today's class begins with a quick view of a model.  Students are going to be reading and analyzing several poems today.  So, I will pull up a poem from our powerpoint (I want the poem to be familiar) that I have previously marked with annotations to demonstrate my analysis of the poem.  

I'll discuss my markings that reveal the type, sound devices figurative language, connotation, speaker, etc.

Then, I'll challenge students to do the same today.

Group Work/Gallery Walk

40 minutes

As we move into the group work section of the lesson, I will ask students to take a handout from the caddy and log into their Google Doc accounts where I have shared the Gallery Walk Folder.  I'll review the directions and students will begin the Gallery Walk. *Note that the hangout has to be downloaded in order to view correctly.

 As students work in groups to read, analyze and discuss six different poems, I will merely keep time (letting them know when to switch) and facilitate.  I want this to be as much their interpretations as possible.

Students will record information on their handout as they progress from poem to poem.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class for the day, I'll display "The Girl I Left Behind Me" by Eastman Johnson and  ask students to examine it for a moment.  Then, we'll turn to the last page of their handouts and review the directions.

Students will complete a short answer question that asks them to chose one of the six poems from class today that they believe has a thematic connection to the artwork and explain that connection.