Types of Poetry Part 2- Poetry Lesson 6

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SWBAT identify a sonnet, haiku, concrete and lyric poetry.

Big Idea

So many poetic forms, so little time.

Warm Up

15 minutes

To open class today, we will review last weeks Newela homework quiz, and I'll introduce this weeks article. Students will have a few minutes to begin working with this weeks article.  The quiz must be completed by Friday.

I introduced our new Monday routine last Monday.


40 minutes

To open class today, students will open their powerpoint and journals.  I'll ask that they- at their tables- have a quick reminder discussion of the two types of poetry we reviewed on Friday -Ballad and Narrative.  This will prepare them for the types we are adding to the discussion today. Before moving on, I'll randomly ask students to define and give an example of each type.

Next, the lesson for today continues the poetry Powerpoint. Today we will move through slides 50-58 with several types of poetry including lyric, and sonnet.  The slides are somewhat self explanatory.  *Note that the powerpoint must be downloaded in order to view correctly.

I have uploaded this powerpoint to Edmodo for student access.  Those who do not have access at home can also print a copy from their classroom computer.  This type of access allows students who are home sick or have been out to access the material easily.  

As we read/listen to example poems, we will discuss the number of lines, sound devices, and figurative language to apply what we have been learning.  This can also lead into a very common core aligned discussion of why the poets made the choices they made - why use a particular metaphor or allusion?

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I will ask students to continue the journal entry from Friday about the types of poetry.  

List the four types reviewed today.  Then, define and give an example of each.