Research Project Presentation

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SWBAT present findings in a research project to the class in a focused manner using facts, details, solutions, and counter-arguments.

Big Idea

Relate real world problems to a novel recently read in class.


20 minutes

After reading a class novel, students in small groups (four per group) selected an issue that was relevant to the novel.  Their research explained how that problem exists in today’s world, recommend solutions, counter-arguments for the solution, and their final recommendations.  They had the option to prepare a tri-fold or a power point to assist in their presentation.

Initial preparation for this project began as we addressed Evaluating Internet Sites and Annotated Bibliographies.  The articles that students located for those classes were topics chosen for this project.

I passed out the"Text-to-World Research Project" Directions and reviewed the details with the students.  I also provided the grading rubric for the small groups to peruse.


50 minutes

Each group presented their research project and answered questions posed by classmates.  All group members were required to have an active role in the presentation.

The power points were easy for the class to view as presented.  However, the tri-folds were difficult to view during the presentations.  Therefore, the class did a Gallery Walk of the tri-folds after all presentations, so they could appreciate the research demonstrated in these projects.

After the Gallery Walk, students returned to their seats to self-evaluate their group's presentation.  They used the last column in the Grading Rubric for this activity.  I encouraged them to circle the criteria that was met in their presentation from the rubric narrative.