Mock Assessment #2 Day 2 - Open Response

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SWBAT show what they know about integer operations, rational number operations, and equations on the first mock math assessment of the year.

Big Idea

This is a two day test; day two includes open response questions

Mock Assessment#2: Day 2

90 minutes

Students have 90 minutes, one math period, to complete the mock assessment. They are also allowed calculators. It is set up like a state exam. Desks are separated, dividers are spread through-out the class, along with noise-canceling headphones.

All students received a reflection assignment yesterday. Students are reminded that it is due the following Monday.

On day 2 of this Mock Exam students are answering open ended questions which require work and/or written responses to interpretation and analysis questions. Since the last Mock Exam in the fall, we have spent some time practicing and discussing the types of open ended responses students will need to complete. We’ve discussed the importance of work toward partial credit and the importance of understanding the context of the situation: what is happening? What am I being asked to find?

There are a total of 8 open ended questions, each linked to a different standard. I have attached a resource document which includes some of the question analysis I through, as well as useful strategies that can be applied to any assessment.