Confessions of a Former Bully II

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SWBAT orally present to the class an important idea, truth, or fact about bullying using a visual aid.

Big Idea

Students Take Responsibility for Teaching Each Other!


15 minutes

Start today's lesson with a review of what students learned yesterday.  Have them come to the rug with their notebooks and a pencil.

Say, "Students open your notebook to the tab labeled- Confessions of a Former Bully".  Turn and compare with your partner your answers to:

1.  "The three kinds of bullying are ____________, __________, and __________________.

2.  "Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________.

      Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________.

      Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________."

3. "The definition of bullying is ________________________"



In today's read aloud, I will zoom in on the most important parts of this section of the book (pages 15-21) and then assign students to different topics that they will teach the rest of us tomorrow.

Zooming In Process:

I will show students the different ways (craft moves) the author Trudy Ludwig presents information.

Red Headings,  "Think About it Cards", Quick Facts, Metaphor- putting on a Bullying Hat, personal narratives- (stuttering story with Javier),  and Drawings.

Show and name the craft move under the document camera...I am teaching the parts of the book more than the information because I want the students to learn the information and teach it to the class on the next day.

 Students will be assigned a predetermined task  from pages 15-21

Partner work

20 minutes

For this section of the lesson have index cards, construction paper, and markers available for students to create their visual aids.  Tell students their job is to bring the book alive so they can make a poster, create a list, do a role play, or write dialogue slips. 

Provide Structure:

Students making Quick Facts will use 5 X7 index cards

Students making the Think About it will use colored 3x5 index cards. The think about it cards are quotes by famous people such as Mother Teresa and Dr. Seuss, among others. 

Students in charge of the headings and text info will use 11 X 18 construction paper.

Students making the dialogue strips  will use 2 X 18 slips of construction paper

Determine which students are working together and what part of the book they will be teaching ahead of time with the photocopied page(s) of the book.  All tasks can be presented with a visual with the exception of task 11 which will be a role play.

With students on the rug give directions for completing their learning task.

1.  Each partnership will be responsible for learning and presenting the material in their assigned section of the book.

2. Students will create a visual aid to teach the information to the rest of the class the following day.

Pass out student resources (photocopied sections of the book)  and allow students to use art materials  and computers to complete their task.



5 minutes

Let students know when they have about 10 minutes left.  Ask which groups will be ready to present today.Tell them in 5 minutes it will be time to clean up and put away their materials.  Select which groups will present today.  For the rest of the students, have place designated to put their index cards, posters, and dialogue strips until tomorrow's presentations.


Student Presentations:

Review speaking and listening norms.

Call on pairs who are ready to present their information to the class.

Students present and audience gives compliments to presenters.