Promoting our Messages: Social Commentary Presentations

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SWBAT present information such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning by sharing the message and product of their final social commentary.

Big Idea

Today students will engage as listeners and presenters as we experience the wide variety of social commentaries created for our class.


10 minutes

We will start class with ten minutes of reading time. I will read with the students during this time. 

Social Commentary Presentations

30 minutes

I'm going to try something a little different for our presentations today because I want to grade/monitor my students as they listen as much as I want to monitor my students as they present (SL.9-10.4). 

That said, I will have students present their projects to multiple partners, multiple times. To organize this, I will ask half the students to start as presenters and allow the other half of the class to visit as many presentations as they can as listeners. About halfway through the period, I will have these two groups switch roles/places. 

Each student will have their own grading/reflection sheet that they will provide to their audience each time they present. As they are presenting, their classmate will take notes and give feedback on their final projects, specifically on their point of view, use of evidence and the strength of their message (SL.9-10.3). 

I will allow for five presentation rotations of 5 minutes each with a little bit of transition time in between. I will also encourage students to visit a wide variety of presentations over the course of the time allotted since we will have a wide variety of genres represented. 

Here is a sampling of projects: 

I will use a generic rubric (based on our district argumentative writing rubric) to grade these both as I listen to their presentation and as I look at them later. 

Social Commentary Self-Assessment/Reflection

10 minutes

Once students have had a chance to present their projects to multiple listeners, I will ask them to spend some time reviewing their feedback and reflecting on their projects (W.9-10.10).

I am doing this for a few reasons. First, I want them to have an opportunity to share what their intended message is in case it doesn't come across as strongly as they hope it will. Second, I want them to have one last opportunity to think about their audience and how well their message met the needs of that audience.