Geometry Town Project

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SWBAT use their knowledge of geometry to complete a project.

Big Idea

Students create a Geometry City.

Directions for the Teacher

10 minutes

This project has been revised from various projects found online.

The GEOMETRY TOWN PROJECT can be worked on in class, at home, or both.  Students will have 2 days in class to work on the project in class.  Each day will have a plan and goal for students to reach. I will allow students to work with a partner for the project, should they choose to do so.  

Day 1

I will read the directions aloud to students, stopping after each section to answer questions. I will suggest to students that they use a highlighter to focus on the important information, such as due dates and required shapes.  I will not discuss the math calculations in depth, because at this point in the unit students should be able to rely on their notes and previous knowledge.  However, I always explain to students that I am available to answer questions and clarify any confusion.

On the first day, students should choose their partner.  It is important to remind students that it is their choice if they pick a partner and who their partner is.  Therefore, if there are any issues, students need to resolve their problems so they can complete the project.

Although students will be anxious to sketch their work on graph paper, I will suggest that they use the first day to brainstorm and sketch their work on plain paper, without worrying about dimensions.  Students' goal for this day will be to select a theme and have a rough layout of their town.

Day 2

Students' goal for this day will be to complete requirements 1 - 6 on graph paper.  Students will receive rulers and graph paper.  They will have their sketch from day 1 to use as a guide.

Day 3

Students' goal for this day will be to complete the requirements.  If they should finish early, I will allow students to use colored pencils/markers to make their layout more creative.

After 3 days, students should be completed with the rough draft of their town. 

Day 4

The goal for this day will be to ensure all students have met the basic requirements of the project.  Before students continue with the project and work on the calculations, I want to make sure that they have met the requirements.  Students will exchange projects, check the project, and complete the project requirement checklist. I will encourage students to write helpful comments, as well.  If there is an item missing from the project, students should use the remaining time to revise their project.

Students should complete the remainder of the project at home.  I will explain that their calculations, work, and directions should be completed on loose leaf.

Goal of Geometry Project

40 minutes

Although many students will work with a partner, I will give each student a copy of the GEOMETRY TOWN PROJECT.  Each day students will have the entire period to work on the project.  As students work, I will circulate throughout the classroom monitoring and answering any questions.

This project will serve as a cumulative assessment of students' geometry comprehension.  The following topics are assessed in this project:

- identifying polygons

- finding the area of regular polygons

- finding the area of irregular polygons

- finding the area of shaded regions

- identifying polyhedra

- finding the surface area of polyhedra

Students may have difficulty with time management, so it is important to give them achievable goals each day.  Students who work with a partner usually spend more time discussing their ideas, so they may need to be reminded to stay on task.  Time checks will be important for them.