Confessions of a Former Bully

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SWBT identify physical Bullying, Nonverbal kinds of bullying, and Cyber Bullying by discussing and creating a definition and a list with three behaviors for each.

Big Idea

Bullying with words and gestures.

My Lens

This interactive read aloud will be spread out over 5 days.  I am dividing the book up into three sections.  On day one students will be given questions ahead of time to focus them on the most important information I want them to learn.  They will write answer stems, listen to the book, turn and compare ideas with each other, and write answers.

On the second day, students will come to the rug with their notebooks. Students will turn and compare answers. I will call on students to read answers for the three questions as a review and connection to today's lesson.  I will use the doc cam to highlight how the book is written with Red Headings= Important Idea.  Day two will be structured differently than day one- I will give more of the responsibility to the students to present the information they learn by themselves in small groups on day three.

Day three:  Students present information, ideas, and truths about bullying based on the text

Day four: More information is presented from the books, students are assigned tasks to work on to prepare to present on day 5.

Day 5:  Students present what they have learned.

Introduction to the task

15 minutes

Begin by having students get out their Reading Response Notebooks and making a tab from a small post-it and marking the section where they are going to write their answers for the questions that go with this story.

Say, "In the first part of the book you will learn about the three kinds of bully, hear examples of each kind of bullying, and  learn a definition for bullying.

To help you show what you have learned by listening to the story I want you to write the beginning of an answer stem for each question.

Are you ready?  The first question is, "What are three main kinds of bullying?"  Can some one turn this question into a answer stem?  Call on someone with their hand up.

Yes, that is right. You should write,  "The three kinds of bullying are ____________, __________, and __________________.

I will demonstrate how to write the answer stem under the document camera.  Give the students a couple of minutes to write this.  If a person next to you is having trouble writing this please offer to help them.

"Now Let's set up our answer stem for question 2.

Question 2:  "What are three examples of bullying in each main category?"  Call on a student to turn this question into an answer stem.  

2.  "Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________.

      Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________.

      Examples of ____________ are ____________, ______________, ________________."

"What is a definition of bullying we heard in the book?"

3. "The definition of bullying is ________________________"

Now, I am going to start reading the book.  Be listening for the answers to the questions.  You will have a chance to talk with you partner and hear what other class members say before you write your answers."




Read Aloud

15 minutes

Before beginning to read the book, Confessions of a Former Bully by Trudy Ludwig, give the students and overview of pages 1-13.

Say, "This book is about a girl named Katie who got into trouble at school because of the ways she was treating other kids.  The principal called her parents. Then Katie, the principal, and her parents had a meeting.  The adults told Katie that she needed to stop hurting other people.At the end of the meeting, Katie had some consequences.  #1: Was to miss recess and think about what she had done wrong and write about ways she could of handled  herself differently. #2: Katie had to meet with the school counselor once a week to learn more about bullying behaviors.  And #3:, She had to figure out a way to make up for the hurt she had caused when she bullied other kids.

Katie learned a lot of information from the school counselor about bullying and wrote them note in a notebook.  One day she decides to turn her notebook into a book all about bullying so she can share what she has learned  everyone who reads her book.  This was Katie's way of "righting her wrong" or making up for her mistakes."  

Read pages 1-13 aloud to the students.

When you get to the heading "Here's What I Didn't Know Abut Bullying" on page 9 cue the students to be paying close attention because in this part they will learn the three main kinds of bullying and examples.   

Stop  after you read page 12 and have students do a turn and compare about what are the three kinds of bullying and give examples of each.  Call on a student to share what their partner said.  Ask for students to add on anything else?

Read pages 12-13.  Do a turn and compare about the definition of bullying.  Ask a student to come up to the document camera and show the other students where the definition is in the book on page 12.

Partner or Small group Work

15 minutes

Send the students off with a partner or in a small group to finish their answer stems describing kinds of bullying, examples and the definition.

As students are working coach and confer.  Put the book opened to the page with the definition of bullying under the document camera for students who would like to check back with the text for the exact words the author used to define bullying.