Number the Stars: Imagery

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SWBAT identify and explain the imagery within the book and why the author is using it.

Big Idea

Chapter seven of Number the Stars uses some incredible imagery to bring the reader into the setting. This lesson focuses on the imagery and how it is used.

The Rundown

2 minutes

To begin the lesson we recap what we have read previously and go over what we have learned so far. I do this by asking a student to give a "thirty second rundown." During the rundown time I ask a student to summarize the chapter in thirty seconds. Now I just call out a chapter and then a student to give the rundown. 

Let's Read!!

5 minutes

Now that we have gone over our previous learning, we can begin reading our chapter. I explain that I will be reading and stopping today quite a bit. I am going to stop while I read because I want them to learn a new skill. So they need to stay with me so they can be prepared to reread and learn the new concept. I will also stop like I normally do to check for understanding and ask good questions that help me connect to my reading. I find telling the class this helps them understand that this is what good readers do in their head, but I will do it aloud. 

I begin reading and then stop to ask questions, in order to check their understanding. When we get a few paragraphs into the chapter, the author begins to use great imagery. In this part I ask them to reread a particular paragraph and list all the ways the author uses words to describe the scene. Similar to CLOSE reading, I now model what I asked them to do. I reread the paragraph and then add words that helped me visualize the scene. 

Let's Reread for Imagery

10 minutes

With the first example behind us, we are going to continue this process as we read. I will continue to bring their attention to specific paragraphs and have them reread to respond. Once they have reread, I will ask them to write the words that help us visualize onto their white board. As a class, we will discuss what they chose. 

As we continue to read, I will reinforce with modeling. The process will remain the same to build the concept. At the end of the chapter, we will discuss what they learned about imagery in a class discussion.