TCAP Science Vocabulary Review

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SWBAT participate in a Jeopardy-inspired game to review science vocabulary for the TCAP test.

Big Idea

Students will review science vocabulary for the TCAP test by participating in a Jeopardy-inspired game.


1 minutes


4 minutes

Science enables my students to explore new ideas.  In science classes, my students learn about the environment, Earth and space, Earth's features and materials, reproduction and survival, matter and energy, and so much more.  Science teaches them how to use logical steps to solve problems.  I explain to them that today we will review the TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment of Progress) science vocabulary in preparation for our annual state exam.


50 minutes

I have found that playing games, especially online, socially engaging educational games is a fun and exciting way for my scholars to learn.  Not only do they learn the content, but they learn reading, speaking, and listening skills, as well.  Playing the Jeopardy-inspired TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment of Progress) science vocabulary review game helps my students to learn about waiting and taking turns, sharing, collaborating, and focusing.  It allows helps to extend their attention span, which will be needed on exams.  

Click here to play the TCAP Science Vocabulary Review Game.


5 minutes

We closed the lesson with a reflective quick write.  Traditional science lessons to teach vocabulary often focus on writing the vocabulary word and then writing the definition.  With this lesson, I used a Jeopardy-inspired game to be more engaging for students and to allow them to use a multi-sensory approach to learning the science vocabulary - touching the SmartBoard to make selections, reading the information, hearing the responses, writing notes, etc.  This lesson allows my scholars to refresh their memories of science vocabulary within context.